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      09 May 2023, Volume 38 Issue 3

    Gopal Sandu, Dr. Samrat Datta
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 2023, 38 (3): 615-621 . 


    The privacy discussion in the twenty-first century was effectively sparked by the need for data privacy legislation and civil rights of privacy for every individual, regardless of sexual orientation. The right to one's privacy is one of the foundational rights that are safeguarded by the Constitution. It is an essential element of life and liberty. It exists in all individuals equally, regardless of class, strata, gender, or orientation. It contributes significantly to the growth of one's personality, integrity, and dignity. Although privacy is not an absolute right, an invasion must be based on legality, necessity, and proportionality to protect this cherished right, and it must be justified by law. In this article, the writers examine the history of privacy and how it came to be enshrined in “Article 21 of the Indian Constitution”. The article mainly discusses the development of the law regarding this privilege as a Fundamental one. The part about privacy becomes significant here because, although we live in the information age, not all the information we possess needs to be shared; some information needs to be kept confidential for various reasons. In today's highly connected and technologically sophisticated world, safeguarding such personal information is of the utmost importance.



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