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      05 July-September 2023, Volume 38 Issue 4

    1Anish Devale , 2Dr. Shabnam Mane Mahat.
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 2023, 38 (4): 306-313 . 


    The supply chain is key for any distribution network, There is scope for further development that upgrades the business distribution network which helps them for the organized sector and unorganized sector for which the development was helpful where there is huge network management which some lethal way to avoid leakages for the company and to avoid mismanagement which creates a strong network where all parties that are network distributors are being managed professional way and in organized sector which creates a strong arm of network at individual and macroeconomic level. This has led to new developments for overcoming which leads to an increase in the scale of business expansion and makes it more systematic for the development of strong business functioning in increasing business scalability. The larger portion is being taken into consideration which helps for further development which takes into consideration for overall growth into a business occupation for overall growth story which embarks the organization for the company as a whole. This led to business development for structural organization for the company as a whole which makes it more empirical for business expansion process oriented. This lays the foundation which becomes identical for further development of business orientation with the area-wise and zonal distribution of network where the development is on equal options for growth-oriented where the development is to leads infrastructure will be more business orientation of business systematic process and business enactment where with development for further scope of actions with standard business activity with overall growth story of the organization for scalability of the business as whole and standard practice value of the business outcome it helps to maintain the overall dignity of distribution network which creates a strong business value is taken into consideration for business a whole of business organization as whole. This led to strong ethical development for the whole as a whole with rapid industrialization and governing process with business activity for strong process of business as it becomes more friendly and more standard as it becomes which become a variable business for sector structure. This has to be a stronger factor where it becomes an active participant with friendly for further scope of organization which has enhanced GDP growth for domestic and international level where the development creates strong factors for the further development. This led to further growth in the organization framework for equal opportunity of business and smooth functioning work with strong organization growth for the business as a whole which led to smooth further organization calculation development for the random growth development this led to a strong line network for individual growth actions. This has become more business significant for a society as whole and structural organizations for individual growth business outcomes for large scale business functioning with entire business development at the higher program to lower development program with scale of the business orientation program for overall growth development story for overall growth development management.


    Supply Chain Management, Distribution network, CSR activities, Business network distribution, Industrialization model, Export, Import.

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