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      10 July 1995, Volume 10 Issue 4   
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    Using Virtual ATE Model to Migrate Test Programs
    Wang Xiaoming; Yang Qiaolin;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 289-297. 
    Abstract   PDF(366KB) ( 1344 )  
    Because of high development costs of IC (Integrated Circuit) test programs,recycling ekisting test programs from one kind of ATE (Automatic Test Equip-ment) to another or generating directly from CAD simulation modules to ATEis more and more vauable. In this papert a new approach to migrating test pro-grams is presented. A virtual ATE model based on object-oriellted paradigm isdeveloped; it runs Test C++ (an intermediate test control language) programsand TeIF (Test Intermediate Format - an intermediate pat…
    Efficient Realization of Frequently Used Bijections on Cube-Connected Cycles
    Liu Zhipong; Liu Qun; Zhang Xiang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 298-309. 
    Abstract   PDF(487KB) ( 1309 )  
    CCC has lower hardware complexity than hypercube and is suited for current VLSI technology LC-permutations are a large set of important permutations frequently used in various parallel computations. Existing routing algorithms for CCC cannot realize LC-permutations without network conflict. Wepresent an algorithm to realize LC-permutations on CCC. The algorithm consists of two periods of inter-cycle transmissions and one period of inner-cycletransmissions. In the inter-cycle transmissions the dimensional li…
    Simulation of ATPG Neural Network and Its Experimental Results
    Zhang Zhong;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 310-324. 
    Abstract   PDF(607KB) ( 1216 )  
    This paper first establishes a neural network model for logic circuits fromthe truth table by using linear equations theory, presents a kind of ATPG neuralnetwork model, and investigates energy local minima for the network- And then,it proposes the corresponding techniques to reduce the number of energy localminima as well as some approaches to escaping from local minimum of eliergyFinally, two simulation systems, the binary ATPG neural network and thecontinuous ATPG neural network, are implemented oli SUN …
    Expansion Nets and Expansion Processes of Elementary Net Systems
    Cao Cungen;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 325-333. 
    Abstract   PDF(384KB) ( 1402 )  
    Occurrence nets are insufficient to precisely describe executions of elemen-tary net systems with contacts. naditionally, S-complementation is used for re-moval of contacts from the systems. Although the main behavior and propertiesof the original elementary net systems are preserved during S-complementation,their topologies may be changed greatly This paper introduces a new kind ofnets-eopansion nebefor representing behavior of elementary net systems. Asshown in the paper, expansion nets are natural as wel…
    Intention Maintenance as Conflict Resolution upon a Means-Network
    Liu Heyun; Wang Kehong; Shi Chunyi; Wang Dingxing;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 334-343. 
    Abstract   PDF(428KB) ( 1585 )  
    This paper presents a model for intention maintenance. It assumes that anintention is associated with a means network, and intention maintenance is aconflict resolution upon means networks. The difference between the viewpointsof AI planning and intention maintenance is explained first, then a model ofintention, the conditions under which conflicts between the means occur andthe algorithms for determining the influence of removing a means awny from ameans network are presented.
    Experimental Studies of Artificial Conscious Systems
    Cai Yifa;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 344-353. 
    Abstract   PDF(434KB) ( 1407 )  
    Human consciousness is the most interesting and mysterious phenomenon inthe world. In this paper, the results of the computational study and simulationof the conscious behaviour, such as the learning of 1anguage and image pat-terns, traditional conditioning, association, imagination and dream, have beenpresented. Based on these results, an experimental conscious system - CON-SCITRON, has been developed. Further discussion on development of artificialconscious systems is also provided.
    New Heuristic Distributed Parallel Algorithms for Searching and Planning
    Shuai Dianxun;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 354-374. 
    Abstract   PDF(469KB) ( 1237 )  
    This paper proposes new heuristic distributed parallel algorithms for search-ing and planning, which are based on the concepts of wave concurrent prop-agations and competitive activation mechanisms. These algorithms are char-acterized by simplicity and clearness of control strategies for searching, anddistinguished abilities in many aspects, such as high speed processing, widesuitability for searching AND/OR implicit graphs, and ease in hardware imple-mentation.
    Situated Learning of a Behavior-Based Mobile Robot Path Planner
    Yao Shu; Zhang Bo;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 375-379. 
    Abstract   PDF(113KB) ( 1374 )  
    In this paper, we propose a behaviorbased path planner that can self learn in anunknown environment. A situated learning algorithm is designed which allows therobot to learn to coordinate several concurrent behaviors and improve its performanceby interacting with the environmellt. Behaviors are implemented using CMAC neuralnetworks. A simulation environment is set up and some simulation experiments arecarried out to rest our learning algorithm.
    Object Identity in Database Systems
    Li Tianzhu;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (4): 380-384. 
    Abstract   PDF(208KB) ( 1380 )  
    The concept of object identity and implementation of object identity in some sys-tems have been explained in literature. Based on an analysis on the idea of data schemein ANSI/X3/SPARC, this paper presents the concept of fulLidentity which includesentity identity conceptual object identity and internal object identity In addition, theequality of objects, which is richer and more practical, is discussed based on the fullidentity of objects. Therefore, the semanics and constructions of the identity for thecom…
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