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      10 November 1995, Volume 10 Issue 6   
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    Trace Software Pipelining
    Wang Jian; Andreas Krall; M.Anton Ertl;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 481-490. 
    Abstract   PDF(425KB) ( 1311 )  
    Global software pipelining is a complex but efficient compilation technique to exploit instruction-level parallelism for loops with branches. This paper presents a novel global software pipelining technique, called Thace Software Pipelining,targeted to the instruction-level parallel processors such as Very Long Instruc-tion Word (VLIW) and superscalar machines. Thace software pipelining applies a global code scheduling technique to compact the original loop body. The re-sulting loop is called a trace softwa…
    A New Approach to Fully Automatic Mesh Generation
    Min Weidong; Tang Zesheng; Zhang Zhengming; Zhou Yu; Wang Minzhi;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 491-508. 
    Abstract   PDF(425KB) ( 1258 )  
    Automatic mesh generation is one of the most important parts in CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System). A method based on mesh grad-ing propagation which automatically produces a triangular mesh in a multiply connected planar region is presented in this paper. The method decomposes the planar region into convex subregions, using algorithms which run in linear time. For every subregion, an algorithm is used to generate shrinking polygons according to boundary gradings and form Delaunay triangulation…
    Net Operations (Ⅱ)-The Iterated Addition Operation of Petri Nets
    Jiang Chanaiun;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 509-517. 
    Abstract   PDF(376KB) ( 1379 )  
    This paper presents the iterated addition operation of Petri nets and dis-cusses its application in analysis and synthesis of cycle type systems and star type systems. A group of necessary and sufficient conditions for analysis of structural properties is obtained. In addition sufficient conditions for general systems are obtained.
    General Algorithms for Barnett s Structure in Evidential Reasoning
    Guan Jiwen; D.A.Bell;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 518-535. 
    Abstract   PDF(693KB) ( 1315 )  
    A major problem encountered when applications of the Dempster-Shafer ev-idence handling methods are contemplated is the computational complekity of the basic operations. Barnett has proposed a linear-time computational tech-nique for use in evidential reasoning. However, it is restricted to the entire orthogonal sum of dichotomous evidential functions. This means that there has to be a piece of evidence for each contender for the choice being made. This paper presents more general algorithms for combining d…
    A Fault-Tolerant and Heuristic Routing Algorithm for Faulty Hypercubes
    Min Youli; Min Yinghua;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 536-544. 
    Abstract   PDF(192KB) ( 1312 )  
    A fault-tolerant and heuristic routing algorithm for faulty hypercube sys-tems is described. To improve the efficiency, the algorithm adopts a heuristic backtracking strategy and each node has an array to record its all neighbors'faulty link information to avoid unnecessary searching for the known faulty links. Furthermore, the faulty link information is dynamically accumulated and the technique of heuristically searching for optimal link is used. The algo rithm routes messages through the minimum feasible …
    A Necessary Condition about the Optimum Partition on a Finite Set of Samples and Its Application to Clustering Analysis
    Ye Shiwei; Shi Zhongzhi;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 545-556. 
    Abstract   PDF(512KB) ( 1371 )  
    This paper presents another necessary condition about the optimum parti-tion on a finite set of samples. From this condition, a corresponding generalized sequential hao f k-means (GSHKM) clustering algorithm is built and many well-known clustering algorithms are found to be included in it. Under some assumptions the well-known MacQueen's SHKM (Sequential Hard K-Means)algorithm, FSCL (Frequency Sensitive Competitive Learning) algorithm and RPCL (Rival Penalized Competitive Learning) algorithm are derived. It…
    Simulation and Improvement of the Processing Subsystem of the Manchester Dataflow Computer
    Lai Zhiyong; Zheng Shouqi;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 557-563. 
    Abstract   PDF(294KB) ( 1428 )  
    The Manchester dataflow computer is a famous dynamic dataflow computer.It is centralized in architecture and simple in organization. Its overhead for communication and scheduling is very small. Its efficiency comes down, when processing elements in the processing subsystem increaJse. Several articles eval uated its performance and presented improved methods. The authors studied its processing subsystem and carried out the simulation. The simulation rer sults show that the efficiency of the processing subsys…
    Design of Multivalued Circuits Based on an Algebra for Current-Mode CMOS Multivalued Circuits
    Chen Xiexiong;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 564-568. 
    Abstract   PDF(205KB) ( 1407 )  
    An algebra proposed for current-mode CMOS multivalued circuits is briefly reviewed. This paper discusses its application in the design of multivalued circults. Several current-mode CMOS quaternary and quinary circuits are de-signed by algebraic means. The design method based on this algebra may offer a design simpler than the previously knowll ones.
    A New Method of Solving Kernels in Algebraic Decomposition for the Synthesis of Logic Cell Array
    Ma Guangsheng; Zhang Zhongwei; and Huang Shaobin;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1995, 10 (6): 569-573. 
    Abstract   PDF(220KB) ( 1364 )  
    In this paper, an improvement has been made on the algorithm of solving the kernels of new functions which are generated after a common divisor appearing in the original functions is replaced by a new intermediate variable. And an efficient method based on kernel heritage is presented. This method has been successfully used in synthesis of LCA (Logic Cell Array).
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