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      10 January 1997, Volume 12 Issue 1   
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    Optimal Algorithm for Algebraic Factoring
    Zhi Lihong;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 1-9. 
    Abstract   PDF(385KB) ( 1126 )  
    This paper presents an optimized method for factoring multivariate polynomials over algebraic extension fields defined by an irreducible ascending set.The basic idea is to convert multivariate polynomials to univariate polynomials and algebraic extension fields to algebraic number fields by suitable integer substitutions. Then factorize the univariate polynomials over the algebraic number fields. Finally, construct multivariate factors of the original polynomial by Hensel lemma and TRUEFACTOR test. Some exa…
    Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving Based on Groebner Bases
    Wu Jinzhao;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 10-16. 
    Abstract   PDF(298KB) ( 1254 )  
    A new method for the mechanical elementary geometry theorem proving is presented by using Groebner bases of polynomial ideals. It has two main advantages over the approach proposed in literature: (i) It is complete and not a refutational procedure; (ii) The subcases of the geometry statements which are not generally true can be differentiated clearly.
    R-Calculus for ELP:An Operational Approach to Knowledge Base Maintenance
    Shen Ningchuan; Li Wei;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 17-28. 
    Abstract   PDF(478KB) ( 1193 )  
    Some concepts used in knowledge base maintenance, such as sequence, new law, user's rejection and reconstructions of a knowledge base, are first introduced, and then a framework for extended logic programming (ELP) is given,where an extended logic program is equivalent to a knowledge base. A transition system called R-calculus for ELP is provided. For a given knowledge base and a user's rejection, the Rcalculus for ELP will deduce best revisions of the base. The soundness and the completeness of the Rcalcul…
    Implementation of GAMMA on a Massively Parallel Computer
    Huang Linpeng; Tong Weiqin; Kam Wing Ng; Sun Yongqiang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 29-39. 
    Abstract   PDF(447KB) ( 1292 )  
    The GAMMA paradigm is recently proposed by Banatre and M6tayer to describe the systematic construction of parallel programs without introducing artificial sequentiality. This paper presents two synchronous execution models for GAMMA and discusses how to implement them on MasPar MP-1, a massively data parallel computer. The results show that GAMMA paradigm can be implemented very naturally on data parallel machines, and very high level language, such as GAMMA in which parallelism is left implicit, is suitabl…
    RaRb Transformation of Compound Finite Automata over Commutative Rings
    Whng Hao;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 40-48. 
    Abstract   PDF(387KB) ( 1286 )  
    Some results on RaRb transformation of compound finite automata over finite field are generalized to the case of commutative rings. Properties of RaRb transformation are discussed and applied to the inversion problem for compound finite automata.
    Performance Prediction of the Hough Transform
    Hu Zhanyi; Ma Songde;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 49-57. 
    Abstract   PDF(374KB) ( 1268 )  
    Based on three different implementation schemes, this paper strongly demonstrates that the performance of the Hough transform depends crucially on its implementation scheme when it is used for line detection. Moreover, the obtained results can be used as a theoretical basis to predict the performance of the Hough transform as well as to eliminate the noise in Hough space coming from image noise.
    Existence and Uniqueness in Shape from Shading
    Deng Yanping; Li Jiegu;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 58-64. 
    Abstract   PDF(287KB) ( 1324 )  
    For the image of a smooth surface object fully contained within the field of view and illuminated in an arbitrary direction, this paper discusses the ekistence and uniqueness of the conditions for solving a shape-from-shading problem under the conditions that the Fourier series expansion of the image intensity contains only zero and first order terms in a polar coordinate system. Three theorems are established, one for the ekistence and two for the uniqueness of z-axis symmetric shape from shading.
    An Approach to User Interface Specification with Attribute Grammars
    Hua Qingyi;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 65-75. 
    Abstract   PDF(456KB) ( 1421 )  
    An approach to supporting user interfaces using an attribute grammmar combined with an event model is described. The main emphasis is how to represent a multi-thread dialogue model in direct manipulation user interfaces. It is shown that control sequence within dialogues, communication with other dialogues,and some computations for applications can be specified with a syntactic and semantic notation. The attribute grammar specification can be implemented using an attribute grammar interpreter embedded in th…
    Neural Network Methods for NURBS Curve and Surface Interpolation
    Qin Kaihuai;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 76-89. 
    Abstract   PDF(574KB) ( 1426 )  
    New algorithms based on artificial neural network models are presented for cubic NURBS cuxve and surface interpolation. When all the knot spans are identical, the NURBS curve interpolation procedtire degenerates into that of uniform rational B-spline curves. If all the weights of data points are identical,then the NURBS curve interpolation procedure degenerates into the integral B-spline curve interpolation.
    Parsing with Dynamic Rule Selection
    Zong Chengqing; Chen Zhaoxiong; Huang Heyan;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1997, 12 (1): 90-96. 
    Abstract   PDF(286KB) ( 1319 )  
    Although many linguistic theories and formalisms have been developed and discussed on the problem of parsing algorithm in the past decades, the efficiency and accuracy of parsing are still serious problems in practical machine translation systems. This paper presents a parsing algorithm with dynamic rule selection and the experimental results. By describing the design and practice of the improved algorithm, the paper discusses in detail the designing method for a high speed and efficient parser.
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