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      10 January 1999, Volume 14 Issue 1   
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    On Optimizing the Satisfiability (SAT) Problem
    GU Jun; GU Qianping; DU Dingzhu;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 1-17. 
    Abstract   PDF(749KB) ( 1489 )  
    The satisfiability(SAT) problem is a basic problem in computing theory. Presently, an active area of research on SAT problem is to design efficient optimization algorithms for finding a solution for a satisfiable CNF formula. A new formulation, the Universal SAT problem model, which transforms the SAT problem on Boofean space into an optimization problem on real space has been developed. Many optimization techniques, such as the steepest descent method, Newton's method, and the coordinate descent method, ca…
    HarkMan—A Vocabulary-Independent Keyword Spotter for Spontaneons Chinese Speech
    ZHENG Fang; XU Mingxing; MOU Xiaolong; WU Jian; WU Wenhu; FANG Ditang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 18-26. 
    Abstract   PDF(391KB) ( 1434 )  
    in this paper a novel technique adopted in HarkMan is introduced. HarkMan is a keyword-spotter designed to automatically spot the given words of a vocabulary-independent task in unconstrained Chinese telephone speech. The speak- ing manner and the number of keywords are not limited. This paper focuses on the novel technique which addresses acoustic modeling, keyword spotting network, search strategies, robustness, and rejection. The underlying technologies used in HarkMan given in this paper are useful not …
    Chinese TrueType Font Support in X Window
    YE Yimin; SUN Yufang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 27-33. 
    Abstract   PDF(305KB) ( 1326 )  
    it is of great significance to provide Chinese TrueType font support in X Window. This paper describes the work of adding a Chinese ThueType font ren- derer under X's font support mechanism. First, the origin of the idea is introduced, followed by a brief study of ThueType font and its rasterization algorithm, then the font support mechanism in X Window is discussed. Finally, an overall illustration of the Chinese ThueType font renderer is given.
    The "Bottleneck" Behaviours in Linear Feedforward Neural Network Classifiers and Their Breakthrough
    HUANG Deshuang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 34-43. 
    Abstract   PDF(455KB) ( 1357 )  
    The classification mechanisms of linear feedforward neural network classifiers (FNNC), whose hidden layer performs the Fisher linear transformation of the input patterns, under the supervision of outer-supervised signals are inves- tigated. The "bottleneck" behaviours in linear FNNCs are observed and analyzed. In addition, the structure stabilities of the linear FNNCs are also discussed. It is pointed out that the key point to break through the "bottleneck" behaviours for lin- ear FNNCs is to change linear …
    An Inherent Probabilistic Aspect of the Hough Transform
    Hu zhanyi; YANG Changjiang; YANG Yi; MA Songde;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 44-48. 
    Abstract   PDF(230KB) ( 1711 )  
    in this paper a new property of the Hough transform is discovered, namely an inherent probabilistic aspect which is independent of the input image and embedded in the transformation process from the image space to the parameter space. It is shown that such a probabilistic aspect has a wide range of implica tions concerning the specification of implementation schemes and the performance of Hough transform. In particular, it is shown that in order to make the Hough transform really meaningful, an appropriate …
    Exploiting the Capabilities of the Interconnection Network on Dawning-1000
    XIAO Limin; ZHU Mingfa;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 49-55. 
    Abstract   PDF(301KB) ( 1451 )  
    On Dawning-1000, the two-dimension mesh interconnection network enables low-latency, high-bandwidth communication, however, these capabilities have not been realized because of the high processing overhead imposed by existing com- munication software. Active Messages provide an efficient communication mecha nism with small overhead, which may expose the raw capabilities of the underlying hardware. In addition, one of the most promising techniques, user-level communi- cation, is often used to improve the per…
    Computing the SKT Reliability of Acyclic Directed Networks Using Factoring Method
    KONG Fanjia; WANG Guangxing;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 56-63. 
    Abstract   PDF(363KB) ( 1388 )  
    This paper presents a factoring algorithm for computing source-to- K terminal (SKT) reliability, the probability that a source s can send message to a specified set of terminals K, in acyclic directed networks (AD-networks) in which both nodes and edges can fail. Based on Pivotal decomposition theorem, a new formula is derived for computing the SKT reliability of AD-networks. By establishing a topological property of AD-networks, it is shown that the SKT reliability of AD- networks can be computed by recurs…
    Multicast Address Management and Connection Control Based on Hierarchical Autonomous Structure
    WANG Jian; ZHANG Fuyan;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 64-73. 
    Abstract   PDF(416KB) ( 1399 )  
    Multicast capability, including multicast address and multicast rout- ing mechanisms, at the network layer is necessary in order to reduce the band- width requirements of multiparty, multicast applications. Based on hierarchical au- tonomous structure in accordance with the self-organization topologies of Internet, the paper puts forward a multicast address management scheme that is shown to be robust and scalable. Connection control hierarchy (CCH) based on master/slave re- lationship and a simple efficien…
    Geometric Primitive Extraction by the Combination of Tabu Search and Subpixel Accuracy
    JIANG Tianzi;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 74-80. 
    Abstract   PDF(468KB) ( 1294 )  
    In this paper, a novel method for extracting the geometric primitives from geometric data is proposed. Specifically, tabu search is combined with subpixel accuracy to improve detection accuracy and convergent speed. On the one hand, this new shape detection method not only has TS's ability to find the global optimum, but also keeps all advantages of tabu search. On the other hand, it has subpixel accuracy ability to match the local optimum.
    A Formal Approach to Protocol Performance Testing
    XU Mingwei; WU Jianping;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (1): 81-87. 
    Abstract   PDF(164KB) ( 1370 )  
    This paper proposes a formal approach to protocol performance test- ing based on the extended concurrent TTCN. To meet the needs of protocol perfor- mance testing, concurrent TTCN is extended, and the extended concurrent TTCN's operational semantics is defined in terms of input-Output Labeled Thansition Sys- tem. An architecture design of protocol performance test system is described, and an example of test cases and its test result are given.
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