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      10 November 1999, Volume 14 Issue 6   
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    An Approach to Support IP Multicasting in Networks with Mobile Hosts
    PENG wei; LU Xicheng;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 529-538. 
    Abstract   PDF(236KB) ( 1343 )  
    it is an efficient way for a mobile host to obtain multicast servicevia a local multicast router on the visited network. However, there is a possibilityfor a temporary disruption of multicast service due to the join latency and otherissues in handoff procedure. This paper proposes a scheme to solve such a problem.A smooth handoff mechanism is introduced to avoid unnecessary data loss. Besides,any mobility agent capable of multicast can be appointed to provide service to mobile hosts, which makes it possible…
    A Neural Paradigm for Time-Varying Motion Segmentation
    TING Jing'an;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 539-550. 
    Abstract   PDF(626KB) ( 1309 )  
    This paper proposes a new neural algorithm to perform the segmentation of an observed scene into regions corresponding to different moving objects byanalyzing a time-varying images sequence. The method consists of a classificationstep, where the motion of small patches is characterized through an optimizationapproach, and a segmentation step merging neighboring patches characterized bythe same motion. Classification of motion is performed without optical flow computation, but considering only the spatial an…
    Bounded Algebra and Current-Mode Digital Circuits
    WU Xunwei; Massoud Pedram;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 551-557. 
    Abstract   PDF(314KB) ( 1371 )  
    This paper proposes two bounded arithmetic operations, which areeasily realized with current signals. Based on these two operations, a bounded algebra system suitable for describing current-mode digital circuits is developed andits relationship with the Boolean algebra, which is suitable for representing voltagemode digital circuits, is investigated. Design procedure for current-mode circuitsusing the proposed algebra system is demonstrated on a number of common circuit elements which are used to realize ar…
    A Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Region Problemin BEM
    HU Qingsheng; WANG Xiaoyan; ZHUANG Zhenopan;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 558-564. 
    Abstract   PDF(303KB) ( 1323 )  
    The situation of multi-region problem may often appear when boundary element method (BEM) is applied in practical problems especially in VLSI-CAD.It is difficult to deal with this problem if traditional methods are used. Particularly,when the problem to be solved contains a lot of materials, the advantages of usingBEM such as simplicity) convenience and rapidity will be weakened due to the complexity of solving complex boundary element equation. In this paper a distributedalgorithm for multi-region problem …
    Technical Decisions on Several Key Problems in VHDL High Level Synthesis System
    LIU Minced; ZHANG Dongniao; XU Qingning;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 565-571. 
    Abstract   PDF(272KB) ( 1243 )  
    This paper studies the realization of the high level synthesis fromsystem behavioral (algorithmic or functional) description of circuits to structuraldescription of RTL and logic level. Based on Xilinx-FPGA libraryl the structural description is mapped to technology-dependent ASIC, and FPGA chips are generated.The main points in this paper include the technical decision of each subsystem in aVHDL high level synthesis system HLS/BIT. The system is realized on SUN SPARC2, and correct running results are given…
    A New Parallel-by-Cell Approach to Undistorted DataCompression Based on Cellular Automatonand Genetic Algorithm
    GU Jing; SHUAI Dianxun;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 572-579. 
    Abstract   PDF(386KB) ( 1364 )  
    In this paper, a new parallel-by-cell approach to the undistorteddata compression based on cellular automaton and genetic algorithm is presented.The local compression rules in a cellular automaton are obtained by using a geneticevolutionary algorithm. The correctness of the hyper-parallel compression, the timecomplexity, and the relevant symbolic dynamic behaviour are discussed. In comparison with other traditional sequential or small-scale parallel methods for undistorteddata compression, the proposed app…
    Computing the K-Terminal Reliability for SONET Self-Healing Rings
    KONG Annjia; ZHANG Xiangde; WANG Guangning;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 580-584. 
    Abstract   PDF(128KB) ( 1247 )  
    Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) technology has made highspeed self-healing ring (SHR) architectures practical and economical for the uses inmany local exchange carriers' intra local access transport area telecommunicationnetworks. This paper analyses the K-terminal reliability, i.e., the probability that asubset of k specific terminal stations of an SONET SHR can communicate, for fourtypes of SONET SHRs and derives their K-terminal reliability expressions.
    The Impact of Self-Similar Traffic on Network Delay
    SHU Yantai; XUE Fei; JIN Zhigang; Oliver Yang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 585-589. 
    Abstract   PDF(233KB) ( 1439 )  
    The effect of self-similar traffic on the delay of a single queue systemis studied through the use of the measured traffic and models as input process. Amodel-driven simulation-based method is then proposed for the computation of meanline delay in a network design. Both the hybrid-FGN and the FARIMA algorithmshave been used to synthesize self-similar sample paths. The comparison results withreal-traffic data sets firmly establish the usefulness of the proposed model-drivensimulation-based method. A practica…
    A Framework of Auto-Adapting Distributed Object for Mobile Computing
    WANG Chen; ZHANG Defu; ZHOU Ying;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 590-598. 
    Abstract   PDF(412KB) ( 1566 )  
    The low bandwidth hinders the development of mobile computing.Besides providing relatively higher bandwidth on communication layer, constructing adaptable upper application is important. In this paper, a framework of autoadapting distributed object is proposed, and evaluating methods of object performance are given as well. Distributed objects can adjust their behaviors automaticallyin the framework and keep in relatively good performance to serve requests of remoteapplications. It is an efficient way to im…
    Demand Priority Protocol Simulation and Evaluation
    ZHAN Yongzhao; SONG Snunlin; XIE Li;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 599-605. 
    Abstract   PDF(159KB) ( 1176 )  
    A new network protocol (Demand Priority Protocol) environmentcan provide more satisfying service for different urgent transmission requests. Inthis paper, in order to provide guidance for the selection of environment of multimedia data transmission in Computer Supported Cooperative Work better, an objectoriented protocol specification language based on C++ is used to design a virtualenvironment of multiworkstation of computer cooperative work and to simulate execution of demand priority network protocol and…
    Studies on Algorithms for Self-Stabilizing Communication Protocols
    LI Laruan; LI Chunlin;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 606-613. 
    Abstract   PDF(197KB) ( 1330 )  
    in this paper the algorithms for self-stabilizing communication protocols are studied. First some concepts and a formal method for describing theproposed algorithms are described, then an improved algorithm for achieving globalstates is presented. The study shows that the improved algorithm can be appliedto obtain the global states in the case of a loss of cooperation of the different processes in the protocol, which can be used as a recovery point that will be used bythe following recovery procedure. Thus,…
    An Approach to Concurrent TTCN Test Generation
    BI Jun; WU Jianping;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 614-618. 
    Abstract   PDF(254KB) ( 1404 )  
    The basis of distributed system conformance testing is to test theconformance of each entity with its standard. This paper addresses the approach toentity conformance testing based on concurrent TTCN. First a preliminary framework for entity conformance testing is introduced and a specification model CEBEis presented. Then a test generation method, which could directly derive concurrentTTCN test suite from CEBE, is proposed.
    An Improvement ofGNY Logic for the Reflection Attacks
    DING Yiqiang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1999, 14 (6): 619-623. 
    Abstract   PDF(214KB) ( 1496 )  
    In this paper, the limitation of the GNY logic about its inabilityto detect the reflection attacks against some authentication protocols is given. Animprovement is proposed which takes into account the possible multiple instances(principals) of the same identity in the model.
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