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      10 July 1993, Volume 8 Issue 3   
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    A Comparative Study of Default Reasoning and Epistemic Processes
    Li Wei;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 3-14. 
    Abstract   PDF(450KB) ( 1407 )  
    A comparative study between the theories of default reasoning and open logic is given.Some concepts of open logic,such as new premises,rejections by facts,reconstructions,epistemic processes, and its limit are introduced to describe the evolution of hypotheses.An improved version of the limit the- orem is given and proved.A model-theoretic interpretation of the closed normal defaults is given using the above concepts and the corresponding completeness is proved.Any extension of a closed normal default theor…
    Bounded Recursively Enumerable Sets and Degrees
    Sui Yuefei;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 15-18. 
    Abstract   PDF(214KB) ( 1228 )  
    A new reducibility between the recursive sets is defined,which is appropriate to be used in the study of the polynomial reducibility and the NP-problem.
    Optimizing FORTRAN Programs for Hierarchical Memory Parallel Processing Systems
    Jin Guohua; Chen Fujie;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 19-30. 
    Abstract   PDF(634KB) ( 1264 )  
    Parallel loops account for the greatest amount of parallelism in numerical programs.Executing nested loops in parallel with low run-time overhead is thus very important for achieving high perform- ance in parallel processing systems.However,in parallel processing systems with caches or local memo- ries in memory hierarchies,“thrashing problem”may arise whenever data move back and forth between the caches or local memories in different processors. Previous techniques can only deal with the rather simple case…
    A Methodology for Mapping and Partitioning Arbitrary N-Dimensional Nested Loops into 2-Dimensional VLSI Arrays
    Liu Hong; Wang Wenhong; Zhang Defu;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 31-42. 
    Abstract   PDF(609KB) ( 1292 )  
    A new methodology is proposed for mapping and partitioning arbitrary n-dimensional nested loop algorithms into 2-dimensional fixed size systolic arrays.Since planar VLSI arrays are easy to im- plement,our approach has good feasibility and applicability.In the transformation process of an algorithm,we take into account not only data dependencies imposed by the original algorithm but also space dependencies dictated by the algorithm transformation.Thus,any VLSI algorithm generated by our methodology has optim…
    Optimized Parallel Execution of Declarative Programs on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors
    Shen Meiming; Tian Xinmin; Wang Dingxing; Zheng Weimin; Wen Dongchan;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 43-52. 
    Abstract   PDF(342KB) ( 1219 )  
    In this paper,we focus on the compiling implementation of parallel logic language PARLOG and functional language ML on distributed memory multiprocessors.Under the graph rewriting framework, a Heterogeneous Parallel Graph Rewriting Execution Model(HPGREM)is presented firstly.Then based on HPGREM,a parallel abstract machine PAM/TGR is described.Furthermore,several optimizing compilation schemes for executing declarative programs on transputer array are proposed. The performance statistics on a transputer arr…
    An Implementation of Pure Horn Clause Logic Programming in a Reduction System
    Xu Manwu;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 53-61. 
    Abstract   PDF(288KB) ( 1265 )  
    Many reduction systems have been presented for implementing functional programming languages. We propose here an extension of a reduction architecture to realize a kind of logic programming——pure Horn clause logic programming.This is an attempt to approach amalgama- tion of the two important programming paradigms.
    On Memory Capacity of the Probabilistic Logic Neuron Network
    Zhang Bo; Zhang Ling;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 62-66. 
    Abstract   PDF(266KB) ( 1253 )  
    In this paper,the memory capacity of Probabilistic Logic Neuron(PLN)network is discussed. We obtain two main results:(1)the method for constructing a PLN network with a given memory capacity;(2)the relationship between the memory capacity and the size of a PLN network.We show that the memory capacity of a PLN network depends on not only the number of input ports of its element but also the number of elements themselves.The results provide a new method for designing a PLN network.
    Cooperative Hypermedia Editing with CoMEdiA
    Adelino Santos;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 67-79. 
    Abstract   PDF(1578KB) ( 1146 )  
    CoMEdiA is a groupware tool which enables co-authors to cooperatively produce hypermedia docu- ments.CoMEdiA allows co-authors to communicate their ideas,drafts,guidelines,constraints and annota- tions to other co-authors.It uses a mix of communication patterns,media and document organization to enable co-authors to keep on exchanging information(remotely or face-to-face),improving passages and modifying notes until a final document is achieved.We did not concentrate on the depth but on the breath of the fe…
    Modelling Enterprises with Object-Oriented Paradigm
    Gu Junzhong;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 80-89. 
    Abstract   PDF(370KB) ( 1070 )  
    Modelling enterprises include two essential tasks:data modelling for static properties and behaviours modelling for dynamic properties.Traditionally,the data modelling and behaviours modelling are separated in different phases and also in different description forms,e.g.the former is modelled in entity-relationship diagrams(ERDs),and the latter is modelled in data flow diagrams (DFDs).The separation could result in an incorrect description of the relationships between da- ta and behaviours,so that the enter…
    A New Local Control Spline with Shape Parameters for CAD/CAM
    Qin Kaihuai; Sun Jiaguang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (3): 90-98. 
    Abstract   PDF(262KB) ( 1259 )  
    A new local control spline based on shape parameters with G~2 continuity,called BLC-spline,is pro- posed.Not only is BLC-spline very smooth,but also the spline curve's characteristic polygon has only three control vertices,and the characteristic polyhedron has only nine control vertices.The behavior of lo- cal control of BLC-spline is better than that of the other splines such as cubic Bezier,B and Beta-spline.The three shape parameters β_0,β_1 and β_2 of BLC-spline,which are independent of the con- trol ve…
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