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      10 October 1993, Volume 8 Issue 4   
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    An Object-Oriented Transaction Model
    Gu Junzhong;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 3-20. 
    Abstract   PDF(969KB) ( 1172 )  
    In object-oriented database systems(OODBSs),the traditional transaction models are no longer suit- able because of the difference between the object-oriented data model(OODM)and the conventional da- ta models(e.g.relational data model).In this paper,transaction models for advanced databuse applica- tions are reviewed and their shortcomings are analyzed.Exchangeability of operations is proposed in- stead of commuativity and recoverability for using more semantics in transaction management.As a result,an obje…
    A Data Manager for Engineering Applications
    Zheng Weidong; Lin Zongkai; Guo Yuchai;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 21-30. 
    Abstract   PDF(545KB) ( 1137 )  
    Efficient data management is crucial to the success of a CAD/CAM system.Traditional database systems,designed to deal with only regular and structural data,cannot efficiently manage design data. In this paper,we present a data manager called EDBMS/2,which has been developed by our laboratory for engineering support applications.EDBMS/2 has a data model that combines features of both relational and semantic ones and owns flexible abilities for modeling engineering data,such as variable-length data processing…
    The Complexity of Recognition in the Single-Layered PLN Network with Feedback Connections
    Zhang Bo; Zhang Ling;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 31-35. 
    Abstract   PDF(271KB) ( 1135 )  
    Regarding a single-layered PLN network with feedback connections as an associative memory network,the complexity of recognition is discussed.We have the main result:if the size of the network N is m,then the complexity of recognition is an exponential function of m.The necessary condition under which the complexity of recognition is polynomial is given.
    CCD:An Integrated C Coding and Debugging Tool
    Jin Liqun; Chen Feng; Xu Zhichen; Qian Jiahau;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 36-42. 
    Abstract   PDF(675KB) ( 1276 )  
    CCD is an integrated software tool which is intended to support the coding and debugging for C language. It integrates a hybrid editor,an incremental semantic analyzer,a multi-entry parser,an incremental unpaser and a source-level debugger into a single tool.The integration is realized by sharing common knowledge,among all the components of the system and by task-oriented comhination of the components.Nonlocal attribute grammar is adopted for specifying the common knowledge about the syntax and semantics of…
    Parallel Execution of Prolog on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
    Gao Yaoqing; Wang Dingxing; Zheng Weimin; Shen Meiming;Huang Zhiyi; Hu Shouren; Giotto Levi;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 43-50. 
    Abstract   PDF(431KB) ( 1270 )  
    Logic programs offer many opportunities for the exploitation of parallelism.But the parallel execution of a task incurs various overheads This paper focuses on the issues relevant to parallelizing Prolog on shared-memory multiprocessors efficiently.
    BSD/I18N—Internationalization of the 4.3BSD U N IX System
    Zhou Jianqiang; Yang Liqun; Pan Shilei; Tan Hong;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 51-60. 
    Abstract   PDF(569KB) ( 1086 )  
    BSD/118N prelect is established for the purpose of internationalizing the 4.3BSD UNIX systems. Its tasks are to provide an internationalized application software development environment,support the 4.3BSD commands/utilities with multi-language processing,and build a complete English and Japanese us- er environments without excluding other languages like Chinese and Korean.
    An Adaptive Strategy Integrating Locking with Optimistic Concurrency Control
    Zhou Jianqiang; Xie Li; Sun Zhongxiu; Zhu Genjiang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 61-69. 
    Abstract   PDF(458KB) ( 1372 )  
    This paper presents an adaptive strategy called K-locking algorithm for concurrency control in database system.The algorithm integrates an optimistic approach with the K-lock mechanism to control the degree of transaction interference.It is shown that the K-locking strategy is adaptive to the changes in transaction parameters and outperforms both an optimistic approach and a pessimistic approach.
    The Mapping Synthesis of Ternary Functions under Fixed Polarities
    Chen Xiexiong; Wu Haomin;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 70-75. 
    Abstract   PDF(285KB) ( 1266 )  
    This paper proposes a mapping method simplifying the Reed-Muller expansion(“RM expansion”)of a ternary function under fixed polarities and the transformation of the RM expansion coefficients with different fixed polarities.
    Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Some Graph Theory Problems
    Ma Jun; Ma Shaohan;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 76-80. 
    Abstract   PDF(301KB) ( 1133 )  
    In this paper,a sequential algorithm computing the all vertex pair distance matrix D and the path matrix Pis given.On a PRAM EREW model with p,1≤p≤n~2,processors,a parallel version of the sequential algorithm is shown.This method can also be used to get a parallel algorithm to compute transitive closure arrayof an undirected graph.The time complexify of the parallel algorithm is O(n~3/p).If D,P andare known,it is shown that the problems to find all connected components, to compute the diameter of an undirec…
    An Optimal Algorithm for Solving Collision Distance Between Convex Polygons in Plane
    Yan Yong;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 81-87. 
    Abstract   PDF(492KB) ( 1261 )  
    In this paper,we study the problem,of calculating the minimum collision distance between two planar convex polygons when one of them moves to another along a given direction.First,several novel concepts and properties are explored,then an optimal algorithm OPFIV with time complexity O(log(n+m))is developed and its correctness and optimization are proved rigorously.
    Performance of Multicast Communication on Hypercubes
    Xu Haishui; Li Xianji; Richard W.Nau;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 88-92. 
    Abstract   PDF(330KB) ( 1391 )  
    Based upon hypercube multiprocessor systems,this paper analyses in detail the communication performance under the background of the greedy multicast algorithm GMA.The mean delay time of a mes- sage both at a node and in the system under multicasting is derived.For the sake of contrast,the delay of multicast message is compared with that of multiple one-to-one messages.
    DKBLM——Deep Knowledge Based Learning Methodology
    Ma Zhifang;
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 1993, 8 (4): 93-98. 
    Abstract   PDF(338KB) ( 1161 )  
    To solve the Imperfect Theory Problem(ITP)faced by Explanation Based Generalization(EBG), this paper proposes a methodology,Deep Knowledge Based Learning Methodology(DKBLM)by name, and gives an implementstion of DKBLM,called Hierarchically Distributed Learning System(HDLS).As an example of HDLS's application,this paper shows a learning system(MLS)in meteorology domain and its running with a simplified example. DKBLM can acquire experiential knowledge with causality in it.it is applicable to those kinds of d…
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